openQRM Enterprise Demo Cloud

Interested in finding out how openQRM Enterprise Datacenter & IaaS Cloud can work for your business? Try out the free online openQRM Enterprise IaaS Demo Cloud. For more in-depth testing at your company simply request your personal Evaluation Edition download.

Effort in system administration is easily reduced and even eliminated by automating actions. Simply automate time-killers like system installations or monitoring setup.

Admins can be reassigned to new tasks and no more holiday-bottlenecks. Users get the servers they need delivered in seconds instead of weeks. Managers get statistics and graphs, power saving features, cloud billing and compliance.

  • Self Service Hybrid-cloud Portal.
  • Managed servers and application stacks on demand.
  • Powerful management, monitoring, reporting and billing.
  • openQRM is lean, flexible and extensible.
  • No Vendor-Lock. Keeping track with industry standards requires a flexible infrastructure.
  • Free manpower for new tasks. Time killers easily reduced by automating actions.
  • Provide IT services in a robust, standardized, high-performance and high-available way.
  • Ensure compliance through automation and standardization.
  • Lower TCO and raise ROI.